Of all C.M. Weller's random ideas, this is one of the ones that needs the most explanation to outsiders.

Skippy the Bush Kangaroo Edit

Skippy, or Skip for short, is the titular hero of a kiddies drama THAT WILL NOT FIRKIN DIE. It was originally a black-and-white teledrama featuring a trained wallaby as Skippy and a bunch of humans who apparently suffered from Fecocephalia.

Any and all shots of SKippy manipulating anything was -and still is- done with puppetted, fake, kangaroo hands.

Skippy communicated solely by rhythmic clicks and frequently required a child interpreter whose every line began with "What's that, Skip?" in the most annoying tones one can possibly imagine.

Yes. This particular teledrama is more annoying than Jar-Jar Binks.

So it's practically a patriotic duty to take the living piss out of this show.

Naturally, Mx Weller and Mayhem brainstormed the title of Skippy the Bush Exorcist out of a fit of pure boredom. It would of course, need subtitles.

"Click click clickclickk clickclickclick clickclickk clickclickclickclick click..." [Subtitle: The power of Christ compels you!]

...well... the participants found it hilarious.