Welcome to the Amalgam Station WikiEdit

This wiki contains details, trivia, and factoids about C.M. Weller's Amalgam Station and surrounding universe.

Warning: This wiki may be offensive to the egocentric.

About Amalgam UniverseEdit

The Amalgam Universe is the creation of author C.M. Weller, and this wiki is the depository of all the secrets therein. It is centred around, but not always about, Amalgam Station.

Be wary: here there be spoilers.

What materials can I read? Edit

Amalgam Universe is chronicled in most of the Works by C.M. Weller. You can either read the summaries or buy the books.

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Colour-coded clothing
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: The clothing colour code was initialised by the Galactic Alliance as a means to reduce confusion and save time in urgent situations. Even those...
    Summary: Added the clothing colour code
  • edit Amalgam Station
    edited by A FANDOM user diff
    Summary: Added minutia
  • edit B'dauss
    edited by InterNutter diff
    Summary: Added homeworld
  • edit Cuidgari
    edited by InterNutter diff
    Summary: homeworld name changed
  • new page Numidid
    created by InterNutter
    New page: The Numidid are an avian species with remarkable similarities to the Terran guinea fowl. They appear in the novel The Amity Incident. They have a...
    Summary: Added details about the Numidid
  • new page Tu'att
    created by InterNutter
    New page: The Tu'att are a reptilian species with an amazing similarity to the Terran tuatara. They appear in the Hevun's Child trilogy. They have a vestigial...
    Summary: Added information about the Tu'att
  • new page Cuidgari
    created by InterNutter
    New page: The Cuidgari are mamalian humanoid species who own the space surrounding Amalgam Station. It takes five days to reach Amalgam Station by normal...
    Summary: Added information about the Cuidgari
  • new page B'dauss
    created by InterNutter
    New page: The B'dauss are a reptilian species who are wormhole-neighbours with the Cuidgari system. They are a species known for their manias and following...
  • new page One Year of Instants (2015)
    created by InterNutter
    New page: The anthology of 2015's instant stories as prompted by the readers of the author's blog. Currently still in progress, with a plan to contain 365...
    Summary: Added information and trivia
  • new page One Leap Year of Instants
    created by InterNutter
    New page: Stories gathered throughout 2014 were collected, collated, corrected and finally published for ease of consumption. This year contains significantly...
    Summary: Added explanation and story list.

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